kultur det dyrkede

We love the cultivated

The word culture comes from Greek and means "the cultivated" as opposed to nature, which means "the born".


A company's culture therefore does not come from nothing, but from an organization's ability to cultivate a particular way of thinking, values ​​and not least behavior.


We specialize in spotting which behaviors are helping to promote the desired culture and which are not. And we also know what to do about it.

gør planen til virkelighed

Make the plan a reality

A strategy is just another word for a plan that indicates where a business should move to over the next few years.


Most companies have a plan, but one thing is to have the plan, something else and much more important is to make it relevant and alive in all those who have to make it a reality.


At Mindline, we believe that transparency and involvement are the key to effective strategy implementation, and we use the industry's best software solutions to support just that.

forankring af det lærte

Focus on learning and anchoring

Developing an organization is about helping both individuals, teams and management to see their own strengths and areas of development in relation to their core responsibilities. It is also about creating a space where mistakes are allowed and where there is mutual trust that everyone in the organization intends to help each other.


Through our very direct form we work with recognised paradigms and tools to ensure concrete learning and development for everyone.

We are passionate about helping others and get our energy from seeing them succeed.

Do you need our help?

What we help others with

At Mindline, we get people and organizations passionate about what they do. We do this by working with the culture and strategy and the development of the knowledge, competence and attitude of the individual, which is necessary to ensure that the organisation succeeds in its mission.

What characterizes us is the way we work with our customers. We have had a strong relationship for decades with many of our customers , which supports to the common desire to work together in long-term processes, where both top management and employees have established a common frame of reference and have the tools to succeed on their own.

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